BIS™ Complete 2-Channel Monitor



Gain insight into brain response with BIS™ technology

Bispectral Index™ (BIS™) monitoring enhances the clinician’s patient-­targeted approach to induction, maintenance and emergence. BIS™ technology noninvasively measures and interprets brain wave activity directly related to the effects of anesthetic agents.

Among other benefits, BIS™ technology:

  • Helps the clinician customize anesthetic dosing to individual patient physiologies
  • Indicates hypnotic effect through the easy-­to-­read BIS™ index
  • Facilitates improved patient outcomes as validated in multiple clinical studies


  • The monitor translates the raw EEG data into the easy-­to-­read BIS™ index.
  • The monitor provides a user-­configurable display.
  • The monitor is a versatile platform designed for future expandability.


BIS™ technology offers clinicians added security for providing specialized care and comfort for patients, including those who may be more sensitive to the hemodynamic effects of anesthesia.

BIS™ monitoring technology provides valuable information about patient status to help clinicians address each patient’s unique anesthetic requirements. This may be particularly valuable for:

  • Patients with complex conditions whose status may suddenly or frequently change
  • Patients with cardiovascular conditions
  • Obese patients
  • Trauma patients or others requiring reduced levels of anesthesia
  • BIS™ monitoring technology enable clinicians to manage anesthetic goals of hypnosis, analgesia and immobility.
  • BIS™ monitoring technology enables clinicians to assess consciousness and sedation separately from cardiovascular reactivity.
  • BIS™ technology may help:
    • Reduce emergence and recovery time
    • Reduce anesthetic drug use
    • Reduce the risk of awareness during surgery

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