CARESCAPE® B850 Monitor

GE Healthcare


The clinically advanced and highly configurable CARESCAPE™ B850 monitor helps you stay a step ahead with clinical tools that meet the needs of the most critical patients.

Designed by clinicians, for clinicians—it offers flexibility, scalability, and exceptional customization all in one user-friendly system that’s tailored to fit how you work and handle patient data. All built in a platform designed for the future.


The CARESCAPE B850 monitor makes integration seamless because it’s flexible. With additional expansion and support for up to seven parameter modules, clinicians can easily flex the monitoring capabilities to meet changing patient acuity. Because technology is evolving, the modular design of the CARESCAPE B850 monitor allows new parameters to easily be added and shared with other CARESCAPE monitors across your ecosystem.

Anesthesiologists and surgeons will appreciate the support for two 19-inch, non-glare, independent displays, allowing each to prioritize their unique information on a dedicated display. With an option for two mirrored displays, NICUs, ICUs, and isolation rooms can benefit from having one display in the patient room and a second display where caregivers can interact with the monitor without disturbing the patient.

The CARESCAPE monitoring platform is built on open architecture and industry standards to integrate fully and easily within your hospital infrastructure and preserve your legacy investments.

Clinical intelligence from multiple sources, like the telemetry system, lab results, medications, the MUSE™ cardiology information system, and more, can be brought directly to the bedside.

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