SPC 3800



Chemical protective suits are used whenever and wherever a person’s skin has to be protected from the harmful effects of hazardous liquids. If there is a risk that the entire body may come into contact with solid or liquid chemicals, complete coveralls are the only way to ensure full protection.


Splash Suit

  • ​One-piece spray protective suit with flexible face cuff
  • six suit sizes (S-XXXL)
  • Coated Tychem®F material for limited use

Light and comfortable

The Dräger SPC 3800 (Splash Protective Clothing) is a light and comfortable, liquid-tight protective suit. It is made of Tychem® F material and is designed for disposable use. The donning and doffing procedures are especially easy because of the zippering concept from shoulder to shoulder at the back protected by a double flap which is made of the same Tychem® F material. Furthermore, the zipper does not interfere with the wearer’s work and provides perfect protection during the operation and decontamination phase.

You choose

The Dräger SPC 3800 will be available in the colours grey and orange. The grey version is equipped with heatsealed laminated safety gloves. The orange version has Butyl gloves attached. The feet are protected by flexible socks with cuffs which are also made of the Tychem® F material. Dräger also offers a suit with a modified sock that optimises conductivity.

Flexible use

The handling and wearing comfort is provided by the thin flexible form. Thereby, the face cuff can be alternatively worn on or underneath the double sealing frame of the mask. The Dräger SPC 3800 uses the same face cuff as the Dräger CPS 7800. Due to the separate packaging, the user can very easily identify if a suit has already been used. The one-piece coveralls with liquid-tight heat-sealed seams are optimized for use with full face masks together with a breathing apparatus, powered air purifying respirator or compressed airline equipment.

Reliable protection

These coveralls provide protection against ultra-fine dusts and powders, against many inorganic acids and alkalis as well as a broad spectrum of organic chemicals in liquid form. The Dräger SPC 3800 is CE certificated and classified according to category III as chemical protective suit type 3, 4, 5 and 6. Furthermore, the suit meets all requirements of the SOLAS approval. The main customer groups are within industrial applications and the shipping market. The coveralls are available in six sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL).

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