Protec Plus TC and TF



Tearproof and resistant. The light chemical protective overalls Protec Plus TC and TF offer optimal protection against the finest dusts and powders, against acids and alkaline solutions, and are particularly resistant to a wide variety of chemicals in liquid form.


Splash Suit

  • ​splash-proof one-piece chemical protective overall
  • four suit sizes (M-XXL)
  • Material Tychem®C for protection against ultra-fine dusts 
  • Tychem®F for protection against many concentrated acids & alkalis

Certified splash guard

The chemical protective overalls Protec Plus are light and comfortable splash protective clothing for limited-use applications, manufactured from the coated, silicone-free and lint-free materials Tychem® C (yellow) and Tychem® F (orange). The overalls are CE-certified and classified as chemical protection Type 3, 4, 5 and 6. Furthermore, they are antistatic according to EN 1149-1 and has been tested for resistance to infectious agents according to EN 14126.

Comfortable elastic band

Hood, waist, arm and leg openings are fitted with elastic bands.

Four suit sizes

Four different suit sizes are available (M, L, XL, XXL).

Versatile applications

The one-piece overalls, with liquid-tight welded seams, can be used with the disposable mask, filter mask or full face mask with compressed air breathing apparatus or compressed airline system.

Protected zipper

The zipper runs down the middle of the front side and is fitted with two plackets also made of Tychem® C suit material. A placket for the secure seal of a full face mask is found in the throat area.

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