Infinity® Omega Solution



This two-screen solution provides access to images, lab results and other clinical data, while displaying real-time vital signs data at the point of care on a 20″ touchscreen. Bedside/transport monitor continuously monitors patient during transport.


State-of-the-art synergy

​Infinity Omega is Dräger’s dual-screen patient monitoring solution. The Infinity Delta series monitor provides continuous monitoring at the bedside and on transport. The Infinity Docking Station provides power, network connectivity and departmental screen configuration preferences. The Infinity C700 for IT integrates patient data at the bedside on a 20” touch-screen color display. Infinity Explorer software enables two-way communication between the Delta series monitor and the C700 for IT.

Integrated two-screen solution

The Infinity Delta captures and displays real-time vital signs at the bedside, while the Infinity C700 for IT can be located where you need it to support your workflow – at the bedside, mounted from the ceiling, on a wall across the room, or even outside the room for isolation purposes.​

20” touchscreen display

​The Infinity C700 for IT is a state-of-the-art medical-grade computer that combines a CPU with a 20” color display based on Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touchscreen technology – providing high image clarity and a sturdy all-glass panel. The fan-less design helps reduce noise and dust at the bedside and is ideal for hygienic environments.

Comprehensive patient information

Infinity Omega brings together patient data from diverse sources – such as vital signs, lab data, DICOM images, and Web-based applications, so you can see X-rays, scans and MRIs – and displays it on one screen, together with patient-centric applications such as patient data management systems. Omega puts the information you need at your fingertips – which can support decision making, save time spent looking for information, and help reduce the potential for medical error.​

Dual control

With Infinity Omega, you can control patient monitoring functions, such as alarms and zeroing, from either the Delta or the Infinity C700 for IT – giving you two points of access for monitor controls.​

Seamless patient transport

Because the Delta series monitor doubles as a transport monitor, the same monitor can stay with the patient throughout the continuum of care. This simplifies the monitoring and transport process, while eliminating the need for a separate transport monitor.​

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